Tips For Preparing For a CT Scan

Certain things may be done to adequately prepare for a CT scan. This could help reduce pre-diagnostic anxiety and guarantee a good diagnostic process. In addition to this preparatory advice, it is critical to adhere to all directions given by the medical personnel doing the CT scan. For more information on CT scans boise, speak to a professional today.

What is a CT scan?


Medical practitioners utilize computed tomography, generally known as a CT scan, to analyze structures within your body. A CT scan creates pictures of a cross-section of your body using X-rays and computers. It captures photographs of your bones, organs, muscles, and blood arteries in tiny “slices” so that healthcare specialists can observe your body in outstanding detail.

Traditional X-ray machines employ a fixed tube to direct X-rays to a specific location. Different tissues absorb X-rays in varying amounts as they pass through the body. Higher-density tissues provide a whiter picture than lower-density tissues against the film’s black backdrop. X-rays generate two-dimensional pictures. CT scans use a doughnut-shaped tube that circulates the X-ray around you 360 degrees. The data collected gives a thorough 3D image of your body’s inside.

Are CAT scan and CT scan the same thing?


The terms CT scans and CAT scans refer to the same imaging test. The CAT scan is an abbreviation for computerized axial tomography.

What is a CT scan with contrast?


A contrast agent may be used in your scan at times. This contrast agent, usually known as a dye, enhances photographs by emphasizing certain characteristics. Your healthcare practitioner will either have you drink a specific liquid containing the contrast agent or give you an IV injection with the contrast agent, or both, depending on the type of CT scan and the purpose for the scan. The contrast agent is eliminated through your urine quickly at first and then gradually over the next 24 hours.

How to prepare for a CT scan


Your healthcare practitioner will tell you how to prepare for your CT scan. On the test day, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Arrival

Depending on your healthcare provider’s advice, you should plan to come early. Arriving early allows the testing to proceed on time.

  • Diet

Do not eat or drink anything for four hours before your exam.

  • Medications

Ask your doctor if you should take your normal medications before the CT scan.

  • Comfort

You should dress comfortably. Before the test, you may need to change into a gown and remove your watch, jewelry, and any piercings that can be removed. You may also need to remove your dentures and hearing aids. Zippers and metal items might interfere with the scan.

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