The Right Way To Compose A Compelling Cover Page For An Essay

People say that a first impression is the last one, and in most cases, it’s true, like the essay cover page.

It’s the first thing that your professor views. Thus, it should be compelling and clear to make the reviewer understand what’s inside. This front page should include all the necessary information that answers all “W” questions (Who, When, Where And What). Most people also know it as the title page. So, if you are new to the journey of writing an essay, then we are here to offer you a lending hand.

In this article, we will discuss what things to include in this paper and the types of formats used to compose it. So keep reading.

What Are The Elements That Are Present On The Cover Page Of An Essay?

Crafting a cover page seems like the most easy task, as you have to include a few components on it, and you are good to go.

But it’s not true. Every educational or professional document has its own format or style to compose it. Additionally, each paper asks for distinct requirements to make it complete. This is why most people look for various essay writing services for guidance. These professionals have all the knowledge about different formats and requirements of each type of essays so they can guide you in the right direction.

Now, without more delay, let’s explore the things that are essential in the cover page of an essay.

Running Header

If you ever observe the cover page of an essay, you must have seen a text that is separated from the body of the page.

It is present mainly on the top of the cover page, and we call it a running header. It is common when you are writing in APA format. The maximum number of characters that are allowed to compose it is 50 characters, and it is written in uppercase letters. It’s like a short form of the title of the essay.


After that, the next thing that you should include on your cover page is the title of the essay.

It demonstrates what the reader will explore inside that document, and it is the main thing that can help in grabbing the attention of the reader. Thus, always go for catchy and interesting titles.

For writing it, make sure to keep the first letter of each word capitalised. Additionally, avoid writing words in short or abbreviated forms while composing a title. It should consist of 15 to 20 words, not too short and not too long. Lastly, keep it in the middle of the page to follow the format.

Author’s Name

Have you ever wondered why it’s important to let your readers know who wrote the draft?

Well, let us tell you why it’s crucial. Imagine you’re reading an amazing essay, and you get to the end, but you have no idea who wrote it. Wouldn’t you feel a bit lost and disconnected?

That’s why it’s essential to give credit where credit is due and let your readers know who penned the piece. Hence, always include your official name as the author’s name. Additionally, it also helps in the publication process as well for representing the student with the institute name.

Institute’s Name

The next thing that we have to tell the reader is where the essay was written and where the research work was carried out.

When writing any educational document, the name of the institute is also considered one of the main information to be aware of. And if you are getting help from any write my essay site, you still have to mention the name of your college or school. It will help you represent yourself as their student.

Date Of Completion Or Publication

The last element that you should add to your essay’s cover page is the date to let the reader know the answer to “When”.

It is vital to let the reader know the date of compilation, and your essay should be published on the exact date. Lastly, it also acts as essential information for future researchers in case they want to use your essay as a reference.

Now that you are aware of all the vital components that are vital for the cover page, it’s time to explore a few formats to compose this page.

Explore The Types Of Formats Use To Compose A Cover Page And Their Construction

Every essay has its own way, style and format of composing a cover page. This is why you should know the type of essay you have written. We are covering below a few common formats that are quite common.

American Psychological Association (APA)

The most common way of composing a cover page is APA. It consists of the title, author name, and institute name.

Additionally, a running header should also be added at the top of the page and composed in capitalised letters. This type of essay is written on 8.5 x 11 paper, and the cover page should be the first page.

Modern Language Association (MLA)

An MLA cover page consists of the author’s name, institute name, title and subtitle, professor’s name, course name and code and due date.

For creating this one, use Times New Roman font, font size 12, double-space the page and centre the letters. Additionally, make sure to keep the first letter of each word capitalised.

All in all, these are the two formats from which you can choose to compose the cover page of the essay. But make sure first to check if your professor has instructed any or not.


Just like the cover photo of the book, the cover page of the essay also plays a huge part.

To get good marks, you must create it in the right way. This is why we have guided you through all the necessary elements and the common formats to compose a cover page. Now it’s your turn to how you implement them.

Additionally, most professors already instruct them about the requirements. Thus, if there is any demand for the cover page of an essay, then you must follow it to get good grades. Lastly, a front page is like a hint about what’s inside. Therefore, you must fulfil its purpose justly. So what are you waiting for? Follow the above guidelines and create an appealing one.

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