Surry County Most Needed | Mt. Ethereal Information

Surry County Most Needed | Mt. Ethereal Information

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina doesn’t require that the quantity paid for a parcel be said on the deed. Nevertheless a tax stamp on the fee of $2 for each $1,000 in worth is affixed to every deed.

Current actual property transfers recorded within the Surry County Register of Deed’s workplace embody:

– Dwight D. Durham and Kimberly Ann Durham to Juan Trejo and Felipa Gonzalez Olvera; 2.920 acres tract one PB 40 73 Lengthy Hill; $75.

– Dwight D. Durham and Kimberly Ann Durham to Monica Trejo and Chimal Gustavo Martinez; 2.674 acres tract two PB 40 73 Lengthy Hill; $75.

– Helen Faulk and Woodruff Phrase Faulk to Elkin Artwork Studios, LLC; tracts Elkin; $4.

– Ronald Franklin Moorefield and Patricia W. Moorefield to Elizabeth Pedraza Hernandez; tract Eldora; $50.

– LM Actual Property Ventures, LLC to Retailer Grasp Funding XXII, LLC; tract; $1,020.

– James Parks and Kathryn F. Parks to Bruce Jeffers and Amy Jeffers; lot one and portion of lot 2 block 14 PB 1 204 Elkin; $485.

– Chappel Development and Coatings, LLC to Gregg Steven Teague and Donna Anne Teague; tract one 1.153 acres and tract two 1.045 acres Elkin; $320.

– Joel Torres Mata to Ramon Torres Mata and Guadalupe Maria Ramirez Pinon; tract Westfield; $340.

– Julie Deanna Tate and Julie Lowe Nemeth to Rigoberto Huerta; 3.247 acres PB 40 29 Franklin; $29.

– Helen L. Dalton and Helen P. Dalton to Michael Thomas Dalton; tract Stewarts Creek; $0.

– Archie Dean Durham to Jacob Landon Zurita; 0.279 acres PB 40 54 Bryan; $0.

– Property of Constance Ammons, Clarence W. Tolbert and Constance Ammons to Cynthia Chilton Smith; unit 6A Greenhill Condominiums bk 1 80-82 Mount Ethereal property of Constance Ammons; $370.

– Harry Leonard Noonkester, Susan Ok. Noonkester, Gary Dean Noonkester and Stephanie B. Noonkester to Eric Easter; tract Stewarts Creek; $650.

– Huge Development, LLC to Jessica LeeAnn Burkhart; 0.56 acres lot 19 Bannerwood subdivision PB 6 74 Mount Ethereal; $478.

– Dorothy H. Easter to William Jason Easter; 0.690 acres Stewart Creek; $0.

– Matthews Household of Surry County, LLC, Matthews Household, LLC and Willie H. Matthews to Juan Campos and Elsa Arias; 0.77 acres new lot 1 part 2 Windsor Park subdivision Stratford Place; $980.

– Tony L. Carlton and Donna V. Carlton to James W. Partin and Jeffery C. Eidson; 11.051 acres PB 40 27; $200.

– Sally Bowen Roberts to William Jefferson Lowe; 0.294 acres Franklin; $0.

– Eleanor T. Burleson and James Alan Thompson to Willie H. Matthews; unit 12B Greystone Condominiums bk 1 354-356 and bk 1 251 and 342 and PB 23 134 and 192 Mount Ethereal; $650.

– Ricky Lee Thomas and Rebecca M. Thomas to Gregory L. Easter; tract; $17.

– Jerry Poteat and Peggy Schmidt Poteat to Christy Hernandez and Marcos Hernandez; tract one 1.50 acres Mount Ethereal; $0.

– Jerry Poteat and Peggy Sue Schmidt Poteat to Zachary Ryan Wheeler and Catherine E. Wheeler; 1.62 acres tract three Lengthy Hill; $164.

– Edward Blair Chilton to Kevin D. Bennett; 1.833 acres Pilot; $248.

– Juan P. Alvarez to Ingrid Griffin; 1.81 acres Stewarts Creek; $320.

– James Harlen Simmons to Daveen Forehand Fiant; 1 acre; $250.

– Mark S. Royster, Michael Lee Smith and Louis D. Smith Jr to Thomas W. Hill and Karen C. Hill; commissioners deed tract file 21 SP 149; $170.

– Dodge Metropolis Steakhouse, LLC to Hodge Grocery, LLC; 1.546 acres Elkin; $1,600.

– Grayson W. Collins, Ronald H. Sutphin and Paula J. Sutphin to Warren Rowan Properties, LLC; parts of tons 62-64 and much 58-61 block A Cecil A. Slate property PB 3 61 Mount Ethereal; $64.

– Jesse Stephen Bowman and Sheila Corder Bowman to Kyle Anthony Hillman, Audrey Brooke Hillman, Kenneth Thomas Hillman and Leah Ok. Hillman; 1 acre Rockford; $350.

– Martin C. Hampton and Shannon Sale Hampton to Carina Eyve LaFleur; 0.248 acres; $220.

– Faye Lee Brindle to Ginger Slate; 4.00 acres PB 40 66 Dobson; $0.

– Religion Properties, LLC to Mayberry Advertising Group, LLC; 8,820 sq ft Dobson; $440.

– Out Parcel Holdings, LLC to Zaxby’s Properties, LLC; 1.021 acres outlot 2 PB 30 96 540 CC Camp Rd Elkin; $3,079.88.

– Taylor Lerae Poindexter, Josh Poindexter, Damon Ray Beck, Rhonda Beck, Roy Lee Beck Jr. and Sandy Beck to Stacy N. Norman; 5.761 acres South Westfield; $0.

– Electrical Service Middle of Wilkes, Inc. to Carlos Omar Alvarez and Nettie Mae Alvarez; tract Marsh 9739 NC Freeway 268; $22.

– Versie Mendenhall, Bobby Mendenhall and Renee Mendenhall to Michelle Whitaker, Renee Mendenhall and Renee Hutson; tract one tract and tract two 37.08 acres Marsh; $2.

– Versie Mendenhall, Bobby Mendenhall, Renee Mendenhall, Michelle Whitaker, Robert Whitaker and Renee Hutson to Versie Mendenhall, Michelle Whitaker and Renee Mendenhall; 2 tracts Marsh; $0.

– Property of Erline N. Harris, Testamentary Belief for Delene Hamm, property of Erline Harris, Zachary Marion, Erline Harris, Michelle Paul and Delene Hamm to Zachary Marion and Beth Marion; tract one lot 2 and tract two lot 3 PB 6 39 W.E. Williamson property Mount Ethereal property of Erline Harris file 21 E 879; $160.

– Linda Ann Engelmann and Mathias Engelmann to Christopher Alan Kale and Linh Nguyen Kale; 21.887 acres PB 40 63 Marsh; $300.

– Elizabeth Lovill Pritchard, Betsy Lovill Pritchard, Phillip Clegg Pritchard, Julia Lovill Richardson and Mitchell Allen Richardson to Paul John Lee; lot 12 block B Westwood improvement PB 6 5 Mount Ethereal; $350.

– Terry Bowlin and Vickie Bowlin to Susan Bowlin Childress; tract one 1.3 acres and tract two 1.04 acres Stewart Creek; $0.

– Walter Hawkins and Shelby Hawkins to Donald Grey McBride and Judy Ann McBride; lot 23 Rivermont Estates improvement PB 17 1-5 Mount Ethereal; $574.

– Stacy N. Norman to Jason Coagle Gravely; 5.761 acres South Westfield; $350.

– Kini L. Snow, Jonathan Corey Spurlin, Fran W. Spurlin, Michael Bronda Spurlin and Sherri Spurlin to Jonathan Corey Spurlin and Fran W. Spurlin; tract one lot 43 Boxwood Estates part II PB 8 9 tract two lot 44 Boxwood Estates part two PB 8 9 Mount Ethereal; $260.

– CMH Houses, Inc. and William Froelich to McKinley O. York; 21.812 acres tract 2 PB 32 125; $732.

– Frances C. Greene Revocable Belief, Laura G. Knapp and Frances C. Greene to Jason Allen Taylor and Mark Judson Taylor; tracts Elkin; $200.

– Gregory Flippin Smith and Melissa Hale Smith to Christopher Alexander and Christopher Leigh Alexander; 0.241 acres PB 40 79 Pilot; $363.