Skin-care routine bottled products

So, most skin-care products are kept in a glass bottle or jar. They can vary in many ways, like size and how to apply the product. This will tell you which might be best for you.

Skin-care products

A lot of skin-care products are liquid and might be a pain to apply to your face. Dropper bottles would be the most convenient for these products, given that you can simply put drops of the product on your face. This way, you won’t accidentally put way too much on one side of your face, because these droppers distribute the product in equal amounts all over the face. These bottles are also the most common ones for that same reason. They’re just much more convenient and you won’t waste too much. You may also find other products in little jars. These products are often a lot thicker and you may need less of these products, hence why they’re found in smaller jars instead of bottles. These don’t really vary in application, mostly you’ll just have to use your hands to apply these, which works just as well.


Skin-care is of course a way to relax and take care of yourself, show yourself a bit of extra love. If you need to take certain medicine, whether it’s a liquid medicine or pills, these are also part of taking care of yourself. The liquid medicine is, of course, already bottled. The pills, however, might not be. If they happen to be handed to you in little strips, perhaps you find it more pleasant to have them in a jar with the rest of your stuff. Given that you’re already doing this skin-care routine, the jar of pills would be hard to miss and therefore it’d be less likely for you to forget to take your daily dose. Apothecary jars wholesale, luckily, is a thing. It just means you are able to get a simple jar that you can use for your medicine in case you need it.

Apothecary jars

These jars are mainly used for medicine, which the name already gives away. You can use multiple of them if you so wish. They can be very convenient for you, especially if you tend to forget to take your daily dose. Of course, they won’t be necessary if your medicine is already bottled, but it’s all up to you whether you choose this option or not. It’s your routine, after all.

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