Navigating Tile Finishes: Your Comprehensive Handbook

Navigating Tile Finishes: Your Comprehensive Handbook


When selecting tiles for your home, the surface’s importance to both aesthetics and functionality is paramount. Not all tiles are made alike and it is possible to have different tiles made of different materials that have different attributes including different finishes as well. If you as a customer are befuddled with the choice of options available in tiles, especially finishes of tiles, this blog will help to clear your confusion and will enable you to choose a tile that goes well with your space. So, before you head out to the tile market to your favourite tile shop to make purchases, sit down and go through this blog once. 

Types of Tile Finishes

Polished Finish

Polished tiles have a glossy, reflective surface that adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to any space. They are a popular choice for formal areas like living rooms and entryways. The high gloss of polished tiles makes it visually appealing and relatively easy to clean. However, their smooth surface may not be suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Matte Finish

Another popular finish that is present in many different types of tiles is the matte finish which is unique and different from the polished finish. Unlike the polish finish, a matte finish is more subtle and understated and is generally non-reflective. It creates friction due to the rough surface which is perfect for all kinds of rooms but especially great for areas that are prone to moisture and wetness. Matte tiles, with their rough surface, are especially great for floors (as well as walls) of rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens and can also be used in balconies depending on the footfall and the type of usage. They are also more forgiving in terms of showing water spots and streaks. You can always find good quality tiles with a matte finish in a reputed tile shop in Pune.

Satin Finish

Satin finish tiles offer a middle ground between polished and matte. They have a slight sheen that adds a touch of elegance while still providing some texture and grip. Satin finish tiles are flexible and can be employed in different rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas. They have a middle ground that balances both visual appeal and practicality.


Textured Finish

Textured tiles come in various surface textures, including raised patterns, grooves, and embossed designs. These tiles are often used in areas where slip resistance is crucial, such as bathrooms, showers, and outdoor spaces. Textured tiles provide both visual interest and safety, making them a functional choice for both wet and high-traffic areas. Textured tiles can be easily bought in any reputed tile shop in Pune.

Natural Stone Finish

Each natural stone tile comes with a unique finish because all natural stones are unique and different from each other. Common natural stones that are used for tiles include slate, travertine, and marble. Each of these comes with a unique finish. Polished stone offers a luxurious look but requires more maintenance, while honed and tumbled finishes are more forgiving in terms of upkeep.

Nowadays, marble and other natural stones and the look that they bring are also found in the form of ceramic tiles which means that they can have all the finishes that are popularly seen in ceramic tiles.

Glossy Finish

Glossy tiles have a shiny, reflective surface that can make a room feel brighter and more spacious. They are often used in small spaces like bathrooms to create a sense of openness. However, their slippery surface may not be suitable for floor applications, especially in homes with young children or elderly individuals. Glossy tiles are available in different styles and materials and can be bought from any good-quality tile shop.

Choosing the Right Tile Finish

Selecting the right tile finish for your home involves considering both aesthetic preferences and practical considerations:

Room Function

Think about the room’s function and the specific requirements of that space. For wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, it’s essential to prioritise slip resistance, making matte, satin, or textured finishes suitable choices.

Visual Style

Keep in mind the overall design and visual style of your home. Polished and glossy finishes can add a touch of luxury and elegance, while matte and natural stone finishes tend to create a more relaxed and rustic atmosphere.



Think about your willingness to maintain the tiles. Polished and glossy finishes require more frequent cleaning to maintain their shine, while matte and textured finishes are more forgiving in terms of showing dirt and water spots. To find out more about maintenance you can always consult with a reputed tile shop in Pune.


If you have young children, elderly family members, or anyone with mobility issues, prioritise safety by choosing non-slip finishes for areas prone to moisture.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, your personal taste and style preferences should guide your choice. Consider what appeals to you and what will make you feel most comfortable in your home.


The choice of tile finish can significantly impact the look and functionality of your home. To find out more about tiles and their finishes, visit a good tile shop in Pune. To find one, just google a tile showroom near me and you will be pointed to shops such as Orientbell Tiles Boutique in Gultekadi, Pune.

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