Musandam Tour – A way to the Fjords from Dubai

The fascinating place in Oman stands out, especially Musandam Governorate, which includes two coastal towns. Khasab (the capital) and Dibba. The town of Dibba can be explored without the need for a passport or visa. Part of it lies in the UAE. Both of these towns can be conveniently reached by a scenic road trip. 

Oman boasts a diverse landscape in the Middle East. It features lush forests, fertile soil, and the towering Hajr mountain range. Besides, the stunning fjords are known as “Khors.” Among the Middle East tourist spots,

The primary attraction in Oman’s Musandam region is the Dhow cruise on the Persian Sea, typically a full-day experience with exciting activities like diving, fishing, and the chance to spot dolphins.

The Musandam Tour with Khasab Dhow Cruise

It takes you to the stunning Musandam tour, located at the southern end of the Strait of Hormuz. This peninsula is unique, as it’s separated from the rest of Oman by the eastern coast of the United Arab Emirates. 

It is famous for its picturesque rocky sea inlets called “Khors,” earning it the nickname “Norway of the East. 

The Musandam tour offers two distinct options: 

If you’re a nature enthusiast seeking solitude in one of the world’s oldest mountain ranges. Either Khasab or Dibba is the perfect choice for you.

Musandam Khasab is a gem in the Persian Gulf 

As the capital of Musandam governorate, it draws millions of tourists from the UAE. Also, nearby nations flock to experience its renowned dhow cruise. This cruise along its fjords, inhabited by playful dolphins, offers an unforgettable adventure.

A journey to Khasab is an unforgettable road trip 

The winding road, nestled against the mountains, treats you to breathtaking vistas of the sea that closely parallels the route. 

Sometimes, the steep road appears to vanish into the sea, only to reemerge as it winds through another mountain range. 

Travelers frequently pause at various points to capture photographs of these dramatic mountain formations. They are believed to be among the world’s most ancient mountain ranges.

Embarking on a Dhow Cruise Dubai during the Musandam Tour is a captivating adventure that goes beyond expectations. 

Sailing on the prominent Dar As-Shams fjord in Khasab, you’ll encounter a wealth of delights. The Dhow, a spacious wooden boat, greets you with fresh Arabic coffee (kawa), assorted refreshing drinks, and a wide array of fruits. 

As you set sail, you’ll be mesmerized by the towering mountains flanking the sea, seemingly standing guard over it. The seawater is remarkably pristine and displays a stunning turquoise hue.

Your journey will take you past Telegraph Island, known for the telegraph pole once used for communication with India during the British era. 

There are many stops for shallow diving, complete with diving gear for enthusiasts. A delectable lunch is next level and available onboard. 

The boat voyage includes visits to various spots, including one near the oldest and most primitive village where time appears to have stood still. The villagers here continue to live as their ancestors did centuries ago.

Local bottle-nose dolphins often accompany the Dhow, frolicking and welcoming tourists with their playful antics. 

The government has made diligent efforts to protect these dolphins, strictly forbidding fishing them. 

Their charming interactions with the Dhow are among the top reasons why thousands of visitors flock to the destination for the Dhow experience.

For the Dhow excursion, please note that a visa is must, and travelers from the UAE must bring their passports along.

The Oman Musandam Tour aboard a Traditional Dhow Cruise 

It also includes a visit to Dibba, another charming coastal town within the Musandam governorate. 

Dibba characterizes to its serene, sparsely populated atmosphere, and travelers holding UAE visas or passports can explore this picturesque destination without any additional requirements. 

While Dibba lacks the fjords found in Khasab, it compensates with a wealth of thrilling water sports activities for visitors to enjoy.

Embarking on a road trip from the UAE to Dibba 

It is the optimal way to explore this enchanting destination, entering this fascinating place through the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. 

Starting from Dubai or Sharjah in the early morning, your journey unfolds as the urban skyline of towering buildings gradually gives way to a vast rocky desert landscape. 

Eventually, you’ll find yourself on a winding, mountain-hugging road. The scenery becomes even more striking as you cross into the Omani side. 

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With the Persian Gulf accompanying you on one side of the road and the rugged calciferous rocks of the Hajr mountain range on the other. 

This drive particularly cherishes to the nature enthusiasts, offering intermittent glimpses of small beach patches along the way.


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