IRCTC Agents Registration: How to Create IRCTC Agent Login

IRCTC, which stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, regulates railway operations, online ticketing, tourism, and catering services. It is one of the finest departments of the public sector that ensures smooth & comfortable rides for passengers. While online bookings increase under the IRCTC portal, the demand for authorized agents emerges for seamless ticket bookings. 

Any new user can create an IRCTC agent login for unlimited bookings. Many service providers available on the internet provide guidance for IRCTC agent account create & operation of the portal. The IRCTC agent registration process is quite simple & can be completed within a few minutes. 

Registration Process for IRCTC Agents

The registration as an IRCTC agent is quite simple & completed with the following few steps: 

  • Visit the official website of IRCTC to create your IRCTC agent login ID. New users are required to Sign Up using their basic details. 
  • Log in to the account & fill up the application form with the correct details like a valid email ID and mobile number.
  • Submit documents for address & identity verification like a copy of address proof, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, recent photograph, and additional documents while registering as a travel agent company. 
  • Next, pay the registration fee & charges with online payment modes by selecting the membership option with the best features.
  • Once applicants submit the final application form with the attached documents, authorities will take a few days to verify every application.
  • Ultimately, users will receive a valid registered license with a certificate. IRCTC-authorized agents can use this certificate as a mode of identification. 
  • Agents get a unique login ID to log into the IRCTC portal to start their ticket booking process. 

Many service providers like SiOnline help IRCTC agent account create & provide specialized training for operating the agent portal. New users can get the benefit of navigating through the multiple features of the portal. It provides an edge in delivering customized services to customers by following the right steps & procedures. 

Essential Valid Documents for IRCTC Agents 

To complete the IRCTC agent registration, users are require to have a few documents ready to ease the process. Let’s look at a few essential checkpoints for IRCTC agent registration: 

  • Valid Mobile Number: It is mandatory to submit a valid mobile number while creating an IRCTC agent login ID for OTPs. This valid mobile number will be use for sharing notifications & updates with the user. 
  • Valid Email ID: IRCTC agent registration asks for a unique & active Email ID while creating the account. It is further use for future reference.
  • Aadhar Card/PAN Card: For identity verification, users are required to submit an application form like a PAN Card or Aadhar Card. This document has national acceptance for identification. 
  • Address Verification: IRCTC-authorized agents have to submit any of these documents, i.e., Voter ID, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, for address verification. It is use for verification & also for dispatching any physical copy of the certificate at the agent’s verified address.

Perks of IRCTC Agents IDs

Let’s shed some light on the advantages of using IRCTC agent ID:-

  • Unlimited Booking: IRCTC-authorized agents are eligible for unlimited bookings without worrying about cancellations. Unlike person IDs, where there is a limitation on the number of bookings, Agent IDs are allowed to book tickets unlimited within the time frame provided as per the IRCTC rules & regulations. 
  • Commission Earnings: IRCTC agents are eligible to earn income based on following a commission structure. Agents are eligible to collect a commission of Rs 20/- per PNR for non-AC classes & Rs 40/- for AC classes. Additionally, a travel agent can sell their tour package to increase their earning as IRCTC agents for up to 80,000/- per month. 
  • IRCTC Agent Website Login: Agents get authorized access to process online ticket booking, refunds, cancellations, and other services. Other travel services offered under agent ID are tour packages, hotel bookings, and air & bus tickets. 
  • Agent Customer Support Services: Every user gets assistance with customer services. It provides guidance to smoothly navigate through each process & feature to handle customer requests. 
  • Recognition & Name: IRCTC agencies got their name & contact details imprinted on the train tickets. IRCTC agents are recognize as members of the public sector & customers put their faith in them.
  • Refunds & Cancellation: IRCTC agents are allowed to process refunds on the ticket cancellation request raised by the customer. The only condition is to obtain passengers’ consent before proceeding with the process of refunds & cancellations. 

All in All

IRCTC agent registration is not a complex process. However, they are responsible for ticket bookings, refunds, and cancellations. As new users, we can take the help of any recognized service provider like Sionline for setting up IRCTC agent login. It helps get valid IRCTC authorization for agents with valid legal status to operate the official site. 

With the right approach, IRCTC agents can earn up to 80,000/- per month & beyond the amount. Take the help of trusted service providers to learn the process & begin your journey as an authorized IRCTC agent. 

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