International students can work part-time in the UK

Students used to solely favor moving to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The UK used to be a dream destination for very few students. However, there is a growing demand for students to study in the UK right now. In addition to offering international students a top-notch education, the UK government also offers them a wealth of resources. 

Many students who intend to relocate to the UK are concerned about their ability to work while they are there studying. Yes, of course! As they study in the UK, they are permitted to work part-time. Because we highlighted part-time employment that international students can undertake in the UK, make sure to read the entire article if you’re interested in learning more about the kinds of things you can do there. However, if you are currently unsure of the course that would best suit your needs and interests, you can speak with the top UK visa consultants in Amritsar for guidance. 

Working Part-Time in the UK as an International Student

For international students looking for part-time employment in the UK, consider the following: 

Clerk in a grocery store 

The majority of UK students who work part-time do so in this capacity. The owners of numerous grocery stores in the UK seek applicants with strong organizational, managerial, and communication abilities.  Therefore, if you enjoy interacting with clients and can stock the shelves with goods, this profession is a good fit for you. You must assist customers in finding the items they are looking for while performing this work, organize everything on the shelves, and keep an eye on the goods and everything else in the grocery store. You can work the hours that suit you most in this position, so don’t worry about them. On a student visa, you can easily make £9 per hour working as a grocery shop clerk. 


UK restaurants frequently hire international students to work as servers. This position is available to international students in hotels as well as restaurants. A server’s duties include taking orders from patrons and delivering food, drinks, and snacks. Students must have excellent English-speaking and communication skills because they will be interacting with clients. You can apply for the job and give the interview if you believe you possess all the necessary skills for the role. A waiter can choose their own hours, and the minimum wage is £12.39 per hour. 

Home Health Aide

In the UK, taking care of the elderly, children, and disabled requires careful handling. You must take care of their clothing, food, and several other needs. One needs to be patient and have people management skills to perform this job. Your network will grow as a result of the opportunities for interaction that come with your profession. Additionally, you may easily generate money working inside homes without having to venture outside in the hot, bright, rainy, or windy weather. In addition to working in private residences, you can get employment in clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals. In the UK, a home care worker makes an average base wage of £9.42/hour. 


For overseas students in Canada, working as a receptionist is great. A receptionist’s duties include welcoming customers, taking calls, responding to emails, helping customers with difficulties, and organizing paperwork and reports. Thus, to be a suitable fit for the position of receptionist, one needs to have strong communication, listening, speaking, administrative, and problem-solving skills. International students will be able to interact with people from other cultures, faiths, cities, and nations with this employment, expanding their network and opening up more incredible prospects. Receptionists typically make £8.97 per hour. 

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To summarize:

In conclusion, there are many chances for international students to work part-time in the UK. To discover the ideal work position, you can identify your area of interest, search for openings, and submit an application accordingly. 

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