Important Things to Know Before You Start Targeted Therapy for Breast Cancer Treatment

Important Things to Know Before You Start Targeted Therapy for Breast Cancer Treatment

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer can be frightening. But what most people dread most is cancer treatment like chemotherapy. These diseases do not differentiate between healthy and affected cells. The radiation can cause negative side effects, including killing healthy cells. Luckily, a reputable oncologist Newport Beach-based will suggest contemporary treatment methods like targeted therapy, designed to attack the affected cells without affecting healthy cells.

Types of Targeted Therapy

Monoclonal antibodies and small molecule medicines are two main types of targeted therapies.

  • Small molecule medicine – They have a small size which enables them to enter and destroy cancerous cells. You can easily identify these medicines because they have an extension “ib.”
  • Monoclonal antibodies are quite big and designed to attack the cancer cells from outside. They attack the area right around the cells and usually help use chemo or radiation on the tumors. An oncologist can either administer the treatment as a shot or through a vein of the arm. You can identify the torment because they end with a  “mab” extension.

Other types of targeted therapies include

  • Apoptosis inducers
  • Gene expression modulators
  • Signal transduction inhibitors
  • Immunotherapies
  • Angiogenesis inhibitors

Benefits of Targeted Therapy

  1. Kills cancer cells without affecting healthy cells
  2. Cut blood supply to the tumor
  3. Block the signals that lead to a proliferation of cancer cells

What to Expect

  • Targeted therapy is not without side effects. It can lead to skin changes, diarrhea, and blood clots.
  • It can affect the fetus, hence not ideal for pregnant women.

Targeted therapy is one of the most suitable cancer treatments. However, ensure you seek assistance from a competent oncologist for compassionate care. They will help you choose the ideal cancer treatment for your case.