How to Draw A Snake Easily

How to Draw A Snake. Snakes have a bad reputation. Symbolically they usually represent evil or can be used to describe someone dishonest.

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This reputation is unfair to real snakes, who come in all different sizes and colors worldwide.

Despite their bad reputation, they also have many fans worldwide, and due to the many looks and colors available, they are popular with artists.

You’ll be drawing a new scaly friend in no time with this step-by-step guide to drawing a snake in just 7 easy steps!

How to Draw A Snake

Step 1

As you can imagine, this guide to drawing a snake will have many curvy lines.

This first step is no exception, and we’re starting with a very curvy line that will form the basis of your snake’s body. The reference image serves as a guide to what this line should look like.

Step 2

Using the line you drew in the previous step, let’s draw a larger part of the body for your snake drawing.

Start at the end of the line on the right side and draw another line toward the first line to make the snake’s body look like the reference image.

Step 3

Now that you have your snake’s body, we will draw a face for your snake drawing in this step.

You can start with big oval shapes to give your snake big eyes. Next, use a curved line from the right eye to the body you drew in the previous step.

Step 4

In this step of our How to Draw a Snake guide, we will add a belly to your snake.

Start at the bottom of the head and draw a line inside the body until you reach about three-quarters of the body.

You’re ready for the next step once you’ve seen it as pictured.

Step 5

Your snake drawing needs some personality, so let’s add facial detail to this image to give it some personality!

In this step, we will add some details. The most important thing will be large pupils for the eyes. You can also change the look of the eyes to change facial expressions.

Then we use some curved lines to give nostrils to the face, and finally, we draw a forked tongue out of the mouth.

Step 6

In step 6 of our How to Draw a Snake guide, we’ll add a few final details before we continue coloring.

The most important details are on your snake’s belly. Draw some horizontal lines across the entire abdominal area that you drew earlier.

You can add a few final touches to give your snake more personality! We added some lines and did some hatching details on the snake’s body.

You can create this hatch mark by drawing four lines that intersect. They will look like the pattern you would use to play tic-tac-toe.

This sign can help add scaly texture to your snake drawing. These are the details we chose for this drawing, but feel free to add as many additional fun details to your drawing as you like!

Step 7

You learned how to draw a snake in the seventh and final step! You should already be proud of the amazing drawing before you, but it’s also fun to be with.

Now you can let your creativity run wild by adding some pretty colors to your snake design.

We used green and yellow as the main colors in our sample drawing. That’s just one way to color this drawing, by the way!

You can choose a similar color scheme or complement it with some of your favorite colors.

You might even enjoy drawing a background image for your snake. What environmental background would you choose for the snake?

You can have fun with different artistic mediums once you’ve picked a few colors for your image!

Everyone has their favorite, ranging from colored pencils, watercolors, crayons, and pencils.

If you have a medium that you normally use for coloring, try one that you are unfamiliar with to color your snake! We can’t wait to see the colors and art tools you choose for your snake drawing.

Your Snake Drawing is Finished!

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