How To Choose The Best Dashboard Camera For Your Car

The number of accidents reported these days is alarmingly high. Installing a dash cam in your car can be a lifesaver. Dashboard cameras, or dash cams, have become essential tools for drivers. They provide safety while driving and evidence if an accident occurs. With the various available alternatives, selecting a suitable cam can be overwhelming. Knowing what to look for when purchasing a dash cam for your car is vital. 

The following features will help when buying a camera:-

  1. Number of Cameras

Some car dashboard cameras have a single front-facing sensor and only record what’s in front of you. It is not sufficient for recording because it does not cover the rear side and interior of the vehicle. There are high-end models with front and cabin-facing dash cams. Installing these cameras for people hiring or renting their cars is highly recommended. Additionally, truck drivers can use commercial fleet dash cams to monitor their interiors and protect their belongings. Simply a two or four-camera dashcam is an excellent way to stay safe on the roads.

  1. Field of View (FOV)

Field of view is another feature drivers must consider when buying dash cameras. The best FOV is 130 and 160 degrees. When driving, you want to record and ensure the entire windscreen is visible from where you mount the camera. When purchasing, you require to understand that no two vehicles are similar. Going for cameras that offer the best FOV for your car is always advisable. You can use commercial fleet dash cams to deal with fleet cars.

  1. Video Resolution and Quality

When looking for a car dashboard camera, you want to ensure it gets all the details on video. You need to get a dashcam with the best resolution to achieve this. The recommended minimum pixels are Full HD 1080p. If you want more outstanding quality, go for 4k models. Besides the pixel count, you should ensure the camera provides high-quality video. You might drive in extreme conditions, and standard cameras will not get the required quality.

These cameras should also offer you the best videos at night. Consider getting a camera with a night vision feature. Before buying, check the sample footage in different environments.

  1. Storage Capacity

As a driver, you want a dash camera with a big capacity to record moments on the road. They obviously require a lot of space if you are using a 4k dashcam. Some of these cams don’t have internal memory and require you to buy an external microSD card to store all recordings. Some provide 32 GB or 64 GB microSD to store the video files.

Remember to ensure the camera comes with a microSD from a well-known brand. If the SD fails when needed, the dashcam you bought is useless. When upgrading a microSD, consider buying larger capacity models such as 256GB or 512GB at the very least. It will help you keep as many recordings as you need.

People are buying cars every day, and accidents also happen daily. Installing dash cams to protect your vehicle and other motorists on the road becomes crucial. Before purchasing, consider the field of view, storage capacity, number of cameras and video resolution.

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