How Do You Save A Video On Twitter To Your Phone Gallery? ( Explained!)

Twitter Downloader ? What is Twitter? Twitter is a social media network that allows you to share videos, images, GIFs, or tweets with friends. Billions of users use Twitter to share their opinions, feelings, achievements, etc. Do you want to download Twitter videos? But, it is complicated. It requires many steps to complete the downloading process. If so, how do you save Twitter videos in your phone gallery? You can use different unofficial Twitter downloading methods. 

  1. Use of Twitter media file downloaders
  2. Use of Telegram Bot
  3. Use of Shortcut app to download videos from iDevices

All these methods allow you to download media files from Twitter within a few steps. Out of those methods, the easiest way is using third-party Twitter video downloaders. Likewise, it saves watermark-free media files. Hence, you don’t need to edit or crop the videos to remove the watermark. Now let’s consider each method. 

Use of Twitter video downloaders

The first method is using a third-party Twitter media file downloader. They let you download tweets within a few simple steps. Likewise, they download watermark-free media files. Hence, you can download watermark-free videos, images, and GIFs without editing or cropping videos. What are the best Twitter media file downloaders? 

  1. TWDownloader

The TWDownloader is a perfect Twitter media file downloader that allows you to download unlimited tweets. It is a free solution to download media files from Twitter. Likewise, the software supports you to download videos under different resolutions such as UHD, HD, and SD quality. Also, the tool consists of a simple interface. Hence, you can use it easily. 

  1. SaveTweetVid

The saveTweetVid is also the best application to download Twitter videos on your phone gallery. It lets you save MP4, MP3, or GIF. Likewise, the Twitter media file downloader is straightforward that allows you to download Twitter videos and GIFs for free. Also, it demands you follow the same tried and tested formula of capturing media online. As well as it allows you to download high-resolution media files from Twitter. It converts Twitter videos into MP3 files which allows you to extract audio from movies.

  1. Twitter Downloader

There are different Twitter media file downloaders available online. However, I recommend using Twitter Downloader as the best solution. That is why? The Twitter downloader is the best Twitter video downloader that allows you to save videos on your phone gallery. It supports you to download high-resolution videos within a few clicks. Likewise, the software is available for free. Hence, you don’t need to make any payment to use it. Also, the Twitter video downloader is 100% safe. It never asks for any personal information to use. Now let’s see how to download Twitter videos using Twitter Video Downloader. 

  • Open the Twitter platform to download any video you want to download.
  • Copy the media file URL from the “ share” option or copy the link from the address bar.
  • Paste the copied URL into the input field. Use any web browser to as you like
  • Click on the “Download” button, and select the video quality option from the given list.
  • Tap on the quality to start downloading.
  1. TWSaver

If you want to download Twitter videos with different qualities, the best solution is TWSavver. It allows you to save Twitter videos in different qualities, such as UHD, HD, and SD quality. Likewise, it consists of a friendly interface and is easy to navigate. 

  1. GetMyTweet

The GetMyTweet downloads Twitter videos and converts them into MP4 format. Likewise, it can extract audio and save it in MP3 format as well as create an x-mpegURL file. As well as it extracts videos directly from CDN Twitter. 

Use of Telegram Bot

The second method to download Twitter videos on your devices is using Telegram Bot. What are the requirements to use it? If you have a Telegram account that is the only thing you need to download tweets using the Telegram Bot. 

  • First, get the Twitter video downloader bot. 
  • After that, simply send the link to the tweet that contains the video. 
  • The bot automatically fetches the Twitter video. 
  • Then, you can save the video in your phone gallery. 

Use of Shortcut app to download videos from iDevices

The third method is using a shortcut app to download videos on iPhone. If you are an iOS user, you can use this method to save your favorite Twitter videos on your phone gallery.

  • Confirms you have downloaded the Shortcuts app installed on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Open your device’s settings. Locate “Shortcuts” in the list. Then enable “ Allow Untrusted Shortcut”
  • Then download the Twitter videos downloader shortcut. For that, click the “Get Shortcut”
  • Open the shortcut app, find the downloaded shortcut, and tap “ Add Untrusted Shortcut”
  • Launch Twitter app. Then select the tweet with the desired video. Now “Share”.
  • Then select the Twitter Video Downloader option from the carousel.
  • After opening the shortcut, you can select the video quality.
  • Once the download is complete, you will find the video in your device’s gallery.

Use of Chrome Extension

Using a Chrome Extension lets you download Twitter videos easily and quickly. How to download tweets using the Chrome Extension method? Here is the step guide. You can get it.

  • Navigate to the Chrome web store and search for a video downloader professional extension.
  • To install the extension on your Chrome browser, tap  “Add to Chrome”,
  • Then open Twitter on your Chrome browser. Navigate to the video in your DM section which you want to download.
  • You can see a notification on the video downloader professional extension when you play the video.
  • Click on it. 
  • Then, the extension will allow downloading the video in different file sizes.
  • Finally, hit on your desired file and size and the video will be automatically downloaded.


Twitter is a social media network that allows you to share images, videos, and GIFs with friends. However, it fails to offer a media file-downloading process from its platform. So, you can use different unofficial methods to download your favorite tweets. Here we have provided other Twitter downloading methods that help you to download media files to your phone gallery easily. Try them. 

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