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Transponder car keys are more expensive than standard mechanical ones, as they require special tools to program. This is especially true for dealerships, which have exclusive access to the machines needed to create a new transponder key.

Fortunately, you can avoid these extra expenses by using a locksmith that provides quality services at a fair price. Here’s how to do it:

Key Replacement

If you lose your transponder key services or it gets damaged, then you’ll need to have a new one programmed. This typically requires a locksmith, although some AutoZone locations have transponder keys for sale (be sure to get an uncut replacement key so it can be properly programmed).

These car keys contain a microchip inside of them that transmits a code to the ignition. Without this code, the vehicle won’t start, helping to eliminate car theft.

These types of keys are usually more expensive to replace than regular metal ones, and they require special machines that are often only found at certain dealerships. However, these are an excellent way to cut down on car theft because they are harder for thieves to copy and re-program.

This is why they’re so popular amongst motorists. They offer added security that a traditional metal key simply cannot. They also come in a variety of different features, making it easy for every driver to find the perfect option.

Transponder Chip Replacement

Most of the newer cars on the market today come with transponder chips inside their key. This is because it makes the car more difficult to steal. When the key is inserted in the ignition it sends a signal to the transponder that then responds with a unique code. Without this code, the car won’t start.

Most professional locksmiths can duplicate a car key with the chip in it for much cheaper than a dealership. They can also erase the existing keys from your vehicle if you have lost them. This is a huge benefit for people who have lost their keys.

It is always a good idea to have a spare car key. This way if you do lose one you can always have it replaced quickly. If you wait until you have lost your car key it could cost more to replace because it will require more services than just duplicating the key.

Key Erase

Some car key transponder chips can be duplicated or cloned. This process, known as EEPROM programming, requires a professional locksmith with extensive knowledge of your vehicle’s security system to avoid corrupting the information stored on the module. A reputable locksmith will also have access to special tools that are required to perform this service correctly.

A locksmith can also erase the chip on your existing car keys to prevent them from starting your car. This is especially helpful if you’ve lost your car keys or are worried about them being stolen. This service can be performed at the same time as a key replacement.

If you need a new transponder key, contact one of our NYC locksmiths to get an estimate for the cost and time frame it will take to cut and program the key and ship it back to you. It’s always best to plan and have a spare, so we recommend getting your new key made while you have the time to do it.

Transponder Chip Repair

Many of the keys used in today’s vehicles contain a transponder chip that sends signals to the car when the key is inserted. If the signal matches with what’s on record, it’ll let the car know it’s the correct key trying to start the engine. This technology was added to help reduce auto theft by making it much more difficult for thieves to successfully steal a car.

If your car comes with a key that has a transponder chip, it’s important to get the transponder chip repaired as soon as possible if you lose or damage it. This can save you money and time as you won’t have to go through the hassle of getting a new replacement.

While some people attempt to do this themselves, its best left to a professional locksmiths who has experience in this type of job. Each car model comes with its unique programming method, and special supplies are often needed.

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