Epic Seven Gameplay in 2023

Epic Seven, released in 2018 by Smilegate Megaport, aspires to offer players a freemium interactive AAA role-playing game experience. Super Creative, a South Korean video game studio, put all their creative energy into the game to make sure it will appeal to fans of role-playing games and anime. The game has been out for almost two years and has over six million active installations. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to play the game, our Epic Seven review is below for your perusal. Consider if you still want to put in the time and effort to play in the year 2021.

What is Epic Seven?

Epic Seven is a role-playing game (RPG) with a fantasy setting and an anime aesthetic in which players assume the role of an heir under the protection of the goddess of creation. The game features all the standard aspects seen in contemporary action role-playing games, in addition to the expansive and captivating story presented in high-definition 2D. Among these features are a freemium business model, a global arena, raids, a boss mode, a PvP arena, and a world arena.

Epic Seven Game
Image Source: Epic Seven – Smilegate Megaport

Over the course of 2018, Epic Seven has amassed over 6 million installs across all platforms and over a quarter-million five-star ratings. The game’s amazing visuals, intuitive controls, and compelling story all played significant roles in its commercial success. Today, we’ll get a brief look at the game’s most recognizable elements. To further understand the gameplay and general performance of Epic Seven, please take a seat and read on.


The lore of Epic Seven is standard fantasy fare found in other action role-playing games. In this game, you’ll learn how the goddess Diche created a new universe from her brother Orbis’s corpse. The game takes place in her imaginary universe. The goddess wants to escape the tumult of battle by memorializing her deceased sibling in the world she fashioned. But her other brother Ilyros is determined to bring her back to the fight by trying to destroy the world she built. She made strong heirs and guardians to protect the people of Orbis from her brothers’ evil plot.

Legends of the Epic Seven are generally accepted as average but not bad. The relevant events and well-written language are to thank for this. The overall aesthetic and the wealth of interesting characters are what set the game’s lore apart from others.

Graphics & Animation

As you may already know, Epic Seven is a game with strong ties to Japanese animation. The developers have devoted a lot of time and thought into designing the game’s atmosphere and special effects. Although the game’s visual effects and level design are outstanding, they are merely icing on the cake.

Epic Seven Gameplay
Image Source: Epic Seven Trailer

You see, in Epic Seven, every single one of the characters stands out thanks to the meticulous attention to detail given to them. When you include in the excellent music and visuals, you have one of the best free-to-play role-playing games in the anime genre.


Epic Seven feels nothing like a freemium game despite its business model. The game’s robust reward scheme ensures that both common and luxury items are equally dispersed among players. In doing so, the grind is greatly reduced and the playing field is leveled for freemium players. However, the game’s battle system is similar to that of other gacha games. The turn-based format and element-based characters are two examples of such staples. Aside from the lobby/safe house used outside of battle, there are also Guilds and a variety of player vs player options.

Epic Seven battle
Image Source: Epic Seven Gameplay on Slope Game

Players used to action role playing games will have an easier time adapting to the game’s main battle system because to the incorporation of familiar elements. In addition, it facilitates learning the game’s overall mechanics.


Epic Seven, in a nutshell, is a fantastic anime-based game with gorgeous visuals and plenty of depth. You can easily lose hours to this game due to its engaging story and satisfying battle mechanics.

Epic Seven is a welcome exception to the glut of role-playing games (RPGs) that dominates the freemium gaming market. Epic Seven is increasing its emphasis on the player experience as more freemium RPGs opt to charge for premium features. That’s more than enough to convince any fan of anime or role-playing games to give the game a try.

Epic Seven on PC

At this point, you should have a good grasp of the game’s fundamentals. The time has come to enjoy the thrilling gaming on your PC. To enjoy Epic Seven’s thrilling backstory and rich features, all you have to do is download the game’s unblocked version.

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