Embracing Virtual Driving Lessons: Expanding Reach and Convenience for Students

The Covid pandemic is forcing global experimentation with remote teaching. There are many indications that this crisis is transforming many aspects of life. Virtual driving lessons are one of them. During World War II, when American men went to war, women proved that they could do “men’s” tasks and they never looked back after that. On some same levels, the coronavirus pandemic is forcing the world to experiment with new ways – remote teaching.

It’s no secret that driving schools are hot in demand. The industry has grown around $1 billion in market size. But these numbers will only make sense if you can tap into the industry and leverage potential. And how can you achieve that?

Digital Transformation in Automotive Industry

Before moving further with the benefits of virtual driving lessons, let’s explore a few ways to market your virtual driving classes and expand your reach. Digital transformation in the automotive industry is transforming the way cars are driven and also the way they are made.

  • AI empowering self-driving cars
  • Digital marketing for the publicity of the industry
  • Internet to help customers evaluate their vehicle
  • IoT for improving the manufacturing process
  • AI analytics for creating new vehicle designs

Through marketing, you can acquire new clients, and valuable partnerships, and establish a market reputation. You’ll attract more customers and numbers will keep growing. Start with building an SEO optimized website, list your driving school on Google My Business, and remember to share educational and valuable content on your website. Use Google Ads and Facebook Ads, email marketing, leverage social media, and traditional marketing. On top of all, collect details about your target audience.

Managing a driving business has a demanding schedule, which can make it difficult to find time and perform any marketing strategies. By implementing the above-shared strategies you can easily increase your business visibility and attract more learners. 

Embracing Virtual Driving Lessons

It is a consumer’s dream to see driverless cars drop people off at their destinations efficiently. This is capturing the consumer’s imagination. Autonomous driving has the potential to transform the automotive industry. Why leave driving skills behind then? Driving is a vital life skill that many individuals strive to achieve. However, it can be a little intimidating to drive for the first time. To save you from that fearful feeling let’s explore why and how driving schools harness the power of virtual driving to provide realistic simulations.   

Realistic Simulations

Virtual driving enables schools to create realistic driving environments, including various road conditions, traffic scenarios, and weather conditions. Learners can practice in a safe virtual setting. With realistic simulations, learners can gain valuable experience before hitting the road. 

Personalized Training

Personalized learning is a learner-centric approach that focuses on the personal needs and requirements of the learner. Implementing the right personalized strategies has been the key to the success of driving business school. Virtual reality allows instructors to tailor training sessions according to individual learners’ needs. The system will help you identify lessons that require improvement. The personalized approach in virtual driving lessons enhances the training and lets learners progress at their own pace. 

Cost and Time Efficiency

Online driving lessons are often less expensive than in person. Integrating virtual reality makes it cost-effective. It reduces the need for multiple cars and instructors at the same time. Learners can schedule and practice anytime according to their convenience. Eliminating scheduling conflicts and offering more flexible training sessions. In addition, learner safety and vehicle insurance will come into play, depending on how the training is conducted. 

Risk-Free Environment

Virtual lessons offer a risk-free environment where it’s okay to make mistakes without worrying about real-world consequences. This encourages learners to push their boundaries and explore different strategies, ultimately improving their proficiency and confidence. By gaining this confidence students can become better prepared for real-world driving scenarios and challenges. 

Extra Skills

Online learning will help learners boost their technical skills and knowledge. Virtual driving lessons will help in expanding the reach and convenience for students. To offer you the cherry on top, we have an exceptional tool for you. Picktime is a cloud-based driving schools scheduling software designed to serve all your business needs.

No matter where your learners are you can use this software without any extra installation 24/7 on any platform. Using Picktime users get a customizable booking page with a book now button and a unique URL for your website. It offers 24Hrs chat support for any queries and doubts. With an easy-to-use interface, Picktime has an endless list of features. It offers real-time slot availability with automatic time zone conversion.

In one-on-one or group sessions you can conduct any meeting without getting any double bookings. It will send automatic SMS & email reminders of all the bookings, rescheduling, and cancellations. With unlimited appointments, users will also get graphical reports of all the weekly or monthly business activities and revenue updates.

You can have control over all your services and staff. Not only this, but users can also accept advance payment by just integrating with any PayPal or Stripe. The list doesn’t stop here. Users can have seamless integration with other business tools including – Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, Online Calendar (Apple/Google/Outlook), WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Instagram, Google Maps, Mailchimp, CRMs, and many others. What are you still waiting for? Sign up now for free to leverage such effective features. 

Self Paced

Online driving courses are self-paced. The courses are designed considering the pace and style of an average learner. The online and on-demand courses are especially beneficial for those who may have any health issues and are looking to register for individual classes. The courses can be available 24/7 in any timezone to fit the learner’s routine. 

Virtual driving lessons are one of the major inventions for the automotive industry. Digital technology continues to be a major factor in the transformation of the automotive industry. The use of IoT and big data helps the industry continuously in the designing and monitoring of their vehicles.

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