Do you need to prove your disability to qualify for LTD?

Do you need to prove your disability to qualify for LTD?

LTD or long-term disability insurance policy is for the people who are no longer able to work and are disabled for a long period with very less or zero chances to return to normal health. There is a certain list of medical conditions that qualify for LTD. The definition of disability changes depending on the insurers and the nature of the insurance. To get an LTD, you need to understand the terms and policies of the insurers you are approaching. The insurance companies will regard a person as permanently disabled depending on their ability to work. 


Documents and data


A person has to prove their disability with the help of a doctor’s testimonial and medical reports. The doctors need to write reports about your condition and how it will affect your daily life, backed up by your medical diagnosis. The insurance company will demand certain documents and data to verify the nature of your disability. The types of data and documents are surgical reposts, x-ray, CT scans, MRIs, lab reports, and clinical notes. Voice recording and videos are also accepted as medical evidence if a person has a mental disorder. 


Process of treatment


Certain disabilities require daily treatment, frequent visits to the doctor, or in-house treatments. It also supports you in determining the severity of your condition. Abiding by the doctor’s orders is crucial to continue receiving the benefits of active care under medical professionals. The reluctance to compel by the doctor’s advice will not only worsen your health condition, but the insurers regard this as deliberate self-harm. They might not consider your demand for LTD. The regular doctor visits and doing as suggested will make up for the lack of medical documentation. 




Disability insurance coverage is the only way to continue the way of life for you and your family. If your condition is severe, you must get the maximum benefit from the coverage. An LTD could cover up to 60% to 80% of your income. So make sure you purchase your insurance from a reputed disability insurance company. Further, you have to be very careful while presenting your medical evidence as it will determine the kind of coverage you will be receiving. Try to clear all the doubts that may arise while signing up for an insurance policy. 

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