Designer lamps for the kitchen

Do you dream of a beautiful and functional kitchen? Do not forget about the right lighting – we present the most interesting models of kitchen lamps 2022.

The kitchen is the heart of any home. In modern construction, it is often combined with the dining room or living room, so its design should be as representative as the rest of the rooms. Creating a space where both household members and guests will feel comfortable depends on many factors. In addition to comfortable furniture and interesting accessories, light also plays an important role – its color and intensity affect our mood and functioning.

Lamps, like Umage brand other accessories, should be matched to the style of a given arrangement. Consistency of forms, colors and compositions will create a stylish decor that will delight everyone.

Modern Kitchen

Modern style is a combination of functionality and simplicity. Rich ornamentation and a multitude of accessories give way to minimalist forms and subdued colors. LED panels or lamps with a simple design can be used to illuminate a modern kitchen. A pendant lamp that fits into this trend is the Decompose model, which resembles the appearance of an unfurling serpentine. The delicate design accent does not overwhelm the entire design, and the form of the lamp maintains simplicity and tastefulness. Placing several lamps side by side, for example, over a countertop will provide high-quality illumination, and at the same time will be an interesting interior decoration. The matte gray finish will fit perfectly into the color scheme of modern arrangements. Artemide Decompose lamps are available as pendant, table and floor models.

Kitchen in glamour style

Unlike the previous style, glamour interiors love all the accessories, glitz, glamour and vivid colors. Luxurious decorations and rich ornaments are the hallmarks of the arrangements of this trend. The decor of a kitchen decorated in the glamour style should be crowned with properly selected lighting. I am of the models that meet the requirements of this style is the Italux Olbia lamp, which consists of six smoky sphere-shaped lampshades fixed on a black base. Thanks to its elongated design and several light sources, the lamp will be perfect over the kitchen countertop providing the right amount of light.

Industrial style

Industrial style is the atmosphere of abandoned factories from the 1950s. Raw materials, muted colors and retro accessories are the main determinants of such arrangements. Italux Reda lamp fits perfectly into loft interiors. Four lampshades made of black rods are placed on a wooden base. The luminaires can be placed at different heights – this is due to cables that can be wrapped around the wooden bar.

Minimalism in the kitchen

Interiors maintained in the aesthetics of minimalism are based on austerity of accessories, muted colors and simple forms. Minimalist arrangements are dominated by grays and light shades, which make the space seem clearer.

A pendant lamp that meets these requirements is the Neutron model. It was made of metal alloy with a chrome finish. A spherical lampshade with built-in LEDs hangs from a long, thin cord attached to a metallic base. Several lamps can be hung side by side above the countertop. One lamp like Nowodvorski provides light with a brightness of 320 lm. Thanks to the ability to adjust the height of the suspension, the Neutron model will fit into any interior. In minimalist interiors, we can bet on LED panels or Artemide lamps from the Talo series.

Designer lamps are one of the most popular choices these days. This is an easy way to emphasize the style of the decor. In the kitchen it is worth using lamps with several light sources, which will provide the optimal amount of light and allow you to change the height of the suspension.

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