Custom Flip Top Boxes: Store Your Products Perfectly And Display Them Elegantly

The quality of the packaging denotes the standards of a company. If your packaging looks elegant your product will ultimately be displayed in a precise way. Custom flip top boxes are considered luxurious and attractive among the various available packaging choices.

Packaging is a necessary factor that makes the product different from other brands. Therefore most of the top-notch brands pay significant attention to their product packaging. Companies always prefer boxes that give perfect display and protection to the products along with easy access to the product. 

Wholesale flip top boxes fulfill the criterion of the brand for packaging. This packaging is a must for your product for a sleek look and eye-catching appearance. Besides elegance, a flip-top box gives adequate protection to the products if you manufacture them with quality material. 

Here are some features of a flip-top box that make it best for storage and display of products.

What Are Custom Flip Top Boxes? 

Before moving towards the features of flip-top boxes let’s understand what these boxes really are. A flip-top box is a packaging style where the lid is attached to one side of the box. This lid does not need tucking into the box because it is closed with a magnetic lid. vivid printing hub

These flip top boxes with magnetic closure give easy access to the product. Not only this the magnetic lock gives a premium look to the boxes making them perfect to pack luxury items. 

Easy Display Of Products 

Do you know what is the best way to tell the customers about the quality of your product? And how can you increase the visibility of your product and customer turnout? The best, easiest, and cheapest way to do so is by using distinct packaging. 

A box with a magnetic flap is a marvelous way to get product visibility, increase customer turnout, and show the quality of your product. A flip-top box has a unique look that makes the product unavoidable to the customers. If you place your product in flip-top packaging it will look premium hence customers get inclined toward that product. 

Best For Storing Products 

Apart from the display, another thing that companies are concerned about the most is the storage of the products. For this, packaging plays a main role. The durability of flip-top boxes makes them a perfect choice for product storage. Even if you are gifting something, you can pack them in a flip top gift box. 

These multifaceted boxes make them a supreme choice for brands that are looking for durable ways to store products. The level of safety these boxes provide is outclassing, so best to store delicate items.  

What Makes Flip-Top Boxes Robust And Attractive? 

Obviously after knowing the benefits of flip top boxes, you want to use them as packaging. But what makes this much more robust and attractive? Let’s discuss this using the following points: 


The primary thing behind the durability of flip-top boxes with a magnetic flap is the material. High-quality cardstock is used to manufacture these boxes which makes them sturdy enough to protect the product. Besides cardstock, you can use kraft material as well to make flip-top packaging boxes wholesale.  


When it comes to the attractiveness of the boxes, the role of printing is unavoidable. High-quality prints make these boxes enticing. You can use different artworks on the lid of the boxes and make them distinct from others. Aside from this, using appropriate colors you can further add value to the look of flip-top boxes.


Add-ons elevate the beauty of customized flip-top boxes. There are different types of add-ons available in the market. The most common and sustainable ones are embossing and debossing. Companies that want to give a premium look to their packaging can get the benefit of using foil stamping on the packaging. 

To Sum Up 

Whether your product needs a catchy display or your need to give extra protection to the product the custom flip top boxes are the best solution for both purposes. Companies can benefit from the durability of these boxes and give protection to the products.  

In the same way, the magnetic lid on the flip-top packaging makes it unique. you can further enhance the charm of packaging by using attractive prints and add-ons.  

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