The Effect Of Taxation And Additional Fees On Big Ticket Lottery Winnings

The Big Ticket Lottery is a game held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is one of the UAE’s largest and most popular lottery games. The lottery offers a variety of prize options to players, including luxury cars and lucrative cash prizes. The jackpot prize is usually worth several million Dirhams (the currency of the UAE).

The lottery draws are held monthly, and tickets can be purchased both online and through physical retailers in the UAE. The Big Ticket Lottery has gained popularity due to its high payout prizes and the fact that it is legal in the UAE. It has also become a popular form of entertainment for tourists visiting the UAE, who can purchase tickets online as well as through authorised retailers in the country.

Big ticket lottery ticket price

The Big Ticket lottery ticket price varies depending on the prize pool and the type of ticket you wish to purchase. Generally, the cost of a single ticket ranges from around 100 dirhams to several thousand dirhams. For example, tickets for the Millionaire Draw usually cost around 500 Dirhams, while tickets for the Dream Car Draw can cost around 150 Dirhams or more.

It’s important to note that the price of tickets may also vary depending on the specific promotions or offers that are available at the time of purchase. It’s always a good idea to check the official Big Ticket Lottery website or contact the authorised retailers for the latest information on Big Ticket lottery ticket price and promotions.

The Big Ticket Lottery also offers various payment options to make it easier for players to purchase tickets, including credit/debit cards and net banking. 

What is the tax on big-ticket prize money?

We will now address the fundamental question of “What is the tax on big-ticket prize money?” The Big Ticket Lottery is a popular lottery game that is held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. While the cost of a single ticket can vary depending on the prize pool and other factors, the prices of these tickets are often influenced by taxation and additional fees. 

It’s important to note that taxation is a common factor that can affect the price of lottery tickets as well as the winning prize. In the case of the Big Ticket Lottery, the prize money is often taxed by the government before it is paid out to the winner. This can impact the amount of the prize that the winner actually receives and can also affect the overall prize pool for the lottery. In some cases, taxes can also be applied to the cost of the ticket itself, which can increase the price that players must pay to participate.

In the case of Big Ticket Lottery Abu Dhabi, taxation and additional fees can impact the amount of money a person receives when they win a prize. Non-residents, as well as residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), are subject to tax deductions on their winnings. Additionally, Big Ticket Lottery Abu Dhabi charges an administration fee on all prize winnings, which is deducted before the final payout. 

In addition to winnings, there may be some fees associated with purchasing Big Ticket Lottery tickets. For example, online ticket purchases may be subject to a convenience fee or a processing fee. These fees can add to the total cost of the ticket and may vary depending on the website that is being used to buy the ticket.

The impact of taxation and additional fees on Big ticket lottery ticket prices can be significant, as they can make the tickets more expensive for players. This can, in turn, reduce the number of players who are able to participate in the lottery, as well as the overall size of the prize pool.

However, despite the potential impact of taxation and fees on ticket prices, the Big Ticket Lottery remains a popular game in the UAE. This may be due to the high payout prizes.


The effect of taxation and additional fees on Big Ticket Lottery ticket prices can be significant, but there are strategies that players can use to mitigate these costs. By being aware of the potential impact of taxes and fees and by utilising available discounts and promotions, players can increase their chances of winning big while keeping the cost of participation manageable.


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