Best Hotel Affiliate Programs to get started in 2023

Best Hotel Affiliate Programs to get started in 2023

If you’re looking to delve into the world of hotel affiliate marketing in 2023, there’s a wide array of promising programs to consider. These affiliate programs not only offer enticing commissions but also partner with reputable hotel brands, ensuring your audience receives top-notch accommodations. Here are some of the best hotel affiliate programs to kickstart your journey: Affiliate Partner Program: is a well-established name in the hotel industry. Their affiliate program provides access to a vast selection of accommodations, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly stays. With competitive commission rates and a user-friendly interface, it’s a great choice for beginners.

Agoda Affiliate Program:

Agoda offers a global network of hotels, making it an attractive option for affiliates with an international audience. They provide a range of marketing tools and real-time reporting to help you optimize your campaigns and earnings.

Expedia Affiliate Program:

Expedia is a renowned travel platform with a diverse selection of hotels and accommodations. Their affiliate program offers a comprehensive range of resources, including access to Expedia’s extensive inventory and promotional tools.

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program:

TripAdvisor’s affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by referring travelers to hotels listed on their platform. With its strong reputation and a wide range of accommodations, it’s an appealing choice for those targeting travelers seeking reviews and recommendations. Affiliate Program:, part of the Expedia Group, has a dedicated affiliate program that offers a competitive commission structure and access to a vast inventory of hotels worldwide. Their user-friendly tools make it easy to integrate their offerings into your website.

Marriott Affiliate Program:

Marriott International is a renowned hotel brand with a global presence. Their affiliate program enables you to promote their various hotel chains, including luxury and boutique options, to a diverse audience.

Hilton Affiliate Program:

Hilton Hotels & Resorts boasts a strong reputation and a wide range of properties. Their affiliate program offers competitive commissions and the opportunity to partner with a recognizable hotel brand.

Hyatt Affiliate Program:

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts is another reputable option for affiliate marketers. Their program allows you to promote their luxury and upscale properties, appealing to a more discerning traveler demographic.

Choice Hotels Affiliate Program:

Choice Hotels operates various hotel brands across different price points, making it a versatile option for affiliates. Their program offers a variety of marketing materials and support to help you succeed.

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Affiliate Program:

IHG’s affiliate program covers well-known brands like Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, and InterContinental. With a wide variety of accommodations and a global presence, it’s a solid choice for hotel affiliate marketers.


When choosing a hotel affiliate program, it’s important to consider factors like commission rates, cookie duration, available marketing tools, and the relevance of the hotels to your target audience. As you embark on your journey in the hotel affiliate marketing space in 2023, these programs can serve as lucrative avenues for earning commissions while providing valuable accommodations to your audience.

In 2023, several top hotel affiliate programs offer lucrative opportunities for affiliates. The Affiliate Partner Program remains a standout choice, featuring a vast inventory of accommodations globally and competitive commissions. Expedia Partner Solutions is another prominent option, granting access to a wide range of travel products, including hotels, with customizable tools for affiliates. The Marriott International Affiliate Program provides a reputable option within the hospitality industry, offering a diverse portfolio of well-known hotel brands.

For those interested in luxury travel, the Hyatt Affiliate Program presents an attractive choice with its upscale hotels and strong brand recognition. Furthermore, the Agoda Affiliate Program offers a user-friendly platform, extensive inventory, and appealing commissions. Lastly, the TripAdvisor Affiliate Program is notable for its wide array of user-generated content and potential for earning through hotel bookings.

Before joining any program, ensure a thorough understanding of their commission structures, tracking mechanisms, and promotional resources to make an informed decision that aligns with your audience and marketing strategies.

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