Advantages of multi-level inverters in AC drive technology

Multi-level inverters are electrical power devices that transform DC power into AC power with a range of voltage levels for use in AC drives. They provide a variety of advantages over traditional two-level inverters, such as higher output waveform quality, reduced harmonic distortion, and less voltage stress on power components.

A multi-level inverter’s output voltage is produced by combining many DC voltage sources that are linked in series.

In order to obtain the desired output voltage and frequency, the voltage levels are adjusted to create a waveform that resembles a staircase.

The two most common types of multi-level inverters are the cascaded H-bridge inverter and the diode-clamped inverter, also known as the neutral-point clamped inverter.

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Advantages of using multi-level inverters in AC drives:

There are several advantages to using multi-level inverters in AC drives.

  1. Increased energy efficiency:

Multi-level inverters improve efficiency by reducing energy losses in the motor and decreasing harmonic distortion in the output waveform. Additionally, they enable higher voltage utilisation, which further improves efficiency.

2. Increased motor control accuracy:

Multi-level inverters offer more accurate motor control, allowing for better speed and torque management. This can improve overall system performance and reduce motor wear and tear.

4. Higher system reliability:

Multi-level inverters are often more reliable than regular inverters because they disperse voltage and current over several switches, which reduces the stress on individual components. As a result, equipment could last longer and require less maintenance overall.

5. Flexibility:

Multi-level inverters may be configured to meet various system requirements, making them suitable for a range of applications.

They may also be employed with several motor varieties, including induction and permanent magnet motors.

Factors to take into account while choosing multi-level inverters for AC drives:

  • Environmental factors: The working environment can have a big influence on the inverter’s performance and longevity. There are several variables to consider, including temperature, humidity, dust and debris, exposure to vibration or shock, and more. It’s vital to pick an inverter that is designed for the specific environmental conditions of the application.
  • Temperature: Rockwell Automation AC drives may generate heat while in use, which might affect both their performance and durability. It’s essential to make sure the ambient temperature maintains within the range that the AC drive recommends.
  • Humidity: Condensation that forms inside the AC drive as a result of high humidity can damage internal components and interfere with functioning.
  • Dust and debris: Dust and debris can obstruct cooling and ventilation when they accumulate on the AC drive, leading to overheating and component damage.
  • Certification and compliance: Depending on the application, the inverter may need to comply to certain certification or compliance criteria, such as UL or CE.
  • It is essential to verify that the selected inverter complies with all mandates and certifications.
  • User interface: Performance and usability of the system can be considerably impacted by the inverter’s user interface.
  • Consider the type of interface (such as buttons or a touch screen), the amount of information, and the functionality it provides.

Examine the cost, complexity, and compatibility with other system components as selection factors for multi-level inverters.

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