5 Things To Think About When Choosing A Sofa

The living room is one of the most cherishable places in our home and choosing its furniture can be a little tricky as it requires a lot of attention. It is critical to ensure that you choose a sofa in fabric, color, and style that matches your needs, has adequate seating space, and fits the dimensions of the room.

In this blog, we have briefed a sofa buying guide highlighting five significant sofa features to consider when shopping for your new sofa.

So, let’s get into it!

1 – Style

Considering the style of the sofa is one of the significant factors in sofa selection. It’s crucial to ensure that the sofa suits the theme of the room it’s going into. Choose the color and design according to your room decor. 

For example, if your room is traditionally styled, you’ll choose a sofa with a similar style. Similarly, if you contemporary style interior in your home, sleek sofas will fit into the setting, giving the room a complete look.

2 – Fabric

The Fabric of your sofa is equally as crucial as the styling. There is a lot of variety of fabrics available in the market including, tweed, leather, cotton, linen, and velvet. The choice of fabric depends on your use of the product, the styling of the fabric, and the comfort it can provide. Moreover, if you have kids or pets at home you should consider how easy the fabric is to maintain.  

However, if you like to keep up with the latest interior design trends, we recommend you opt for a neutral fabric. It gives you plenty of freedom to keep changing and updating the style with cushions and throws. 

Buying a sofa involves a lot of money and you would not want to buy anything you don’t like sitting on! 

3 – Room Size

The size of the room is a vital factor that is often overlooked and can be a very risky move. It is critical to measure your room size before the sofa purchasing, otherwise, it may not fit where you want it.

However, a lack of proper measurements can leave your room looking out of proportion. It can happen in both cases when you put a small sofa in a big room or vice versa.  

Therefore, it is advisable to take accurate measurements of the space you wish to set your sofa before you head out to make a purchase.

4 – Seating Space

Choosing a sofa only based on its style and design is not a wise decision as it won’t serve you perfectly by providing enough seating space for everybody living in the home.

Therefore, taking your use, the time you spend in your living room, and the number of your family members into account is critical to ensure you choose the right sofa.  

For example, if you want a sofa for a formal sitting plan in a drawing room then you can opt for a 2+3+2 set. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy a sofa for a casual living room setup where you lounge, host parties for friends or family, and spend your weekend while watching Tv, you should something that offers a lying down feature. 

In this case, an L-shaped sofa with lots of room and low arms is also a great idea. It allows you to rest your feet and head without being made uncomfortable by the rigid structure and steep sofa arms.

5 – Comfort

Comfort is the ultimate requirement for any piece of furniture. It’s useless to purchase a furniture if it does not provide comfort. When determining the comfort of a sofa, everything comes together the length, the fabric, the depth and height of the sofa seat.

It depends entirely on your personal preference for what you find comfortable. However, you can take reference from your past purchases, what were the things you liked in them, and what needs to be improved. It will help you to find a sofa which is a perfect fit for your home. 


In conclusion, if you want to buy a sofa, following this guide will help you choose the right one. However, if you are looking for trust-worthy furniture shops in Lahore, look no further than Tarkhan. They have quality furniture available at affordable prices.

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