5 Boarding Facilities You Must Have When You Want to Rent a Boarding House

5 Boarding Facilities You Must Have When You Want to Rent a Boarding House

Sometimes, it’s not about the price or the sewa kost that becomes an obstacle when looking for a boarding house, but the facilities provided by the boarding house manager. It’s useless if you have paid a lot but if the boarding facilities are not complete or even the same as a cheaper boarding house. That is why you must check the boarding facilities before deciding to rent them.


Facilities that Must Be in a Kosan


  1. Furniture

Furniture is one of the essential facilities that you need to consider before renting a boarding house. The reason is that some boarding houses only rent empty rooms. Sure, empty boarding rooms have lower rental prices but don’t be tempted. Try to count again how much you have to spend to buy furniture, such as folding mattresses, small tables, and wardrobes, plus the cost of renting the boarding house. If it’s still in the budget, you can take it. But, if it’s more expensive than a boarding house that offers complete furniture, what a loss, right?


  1. Electric

When surveying a boarding house, you should first ask whether the rental fee includes electricity or not because some boarding houses only include the rental price and do not include the cost of electricity. That’s why you need to find as much detailed information as possible about the boarding house you want to rent. You don’t want to incur additional costs if it turns out that the electricity is not included in the cost of renting a boarding house.

  1. Kitchen

The kitchen is an important facility that needs to be in the boarding house. The existence of this kitchen will make it easier for you to cook and store cooking utensils so that your room is free from the impression of being cramped. As before, not all boarding houses provide this shared kitchen facility, so you need to first check with the manager before actually renting it.

If it is provided, also ask the manager how the fees are to pay for the refrigerator gallons, gas, and electricity. Is it included in the cost of renting a boarding house, or is it provided voluntarily by the manager?

  1. Parking area

For those of you who bring a personal vehicle, whether a motorbike or car, of course, the parking area is one of the mandatory facilities that must be available at the kost. Therefore, when surveying a boarding house, ensure a large parking area. Don’t forget also ask the manager about the security in the boarding area and whether it is safe to park private vehicles there.


  1. Internet connection

Another boarding facility that is no less important is an internet connection or wifi. As we all know, nowadays, all academic and non-academic activities cannot be separated from the internet. So, imagine how difficult it will be if your boarding house does not provide wifi or internet facilities. Or even worse, the cost of renting a boarding house does not include the internet network, so you have to pay an additional fee to get access. So that you don’t bother making sure you ask the boarding house manager, are internet facilities included in the cost of renting a boarding house?

Well, those are the five facilities that must be in the boarding house. So, ensure the boarding house you want to rent already has these five facilities.

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